WBSN - Como ejecutar un test logserver?

To run TestLogServer on the Log server Service machine:

Open the Windows Services control panel (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services) and stop the Websense Log Server service. Logging onto the Log Database will not occur while the Log Server service is stopped.

1. Open a command prompt by selecting Start > Run and typing cmd.
A command prompt window opens.

2. Navigate to the \Websense\bin folder in the Websense installation directory.

3. Type TestLogServer -file logfile.txt -onlyip <IP address>, and then press Enter.
Please replace <IP address>, for the IP address of one of your client machine that you will use to browse in this test.

4. Browse some websites from that client machine., reproduce the issue with the facebook chat. Data populates the command prompt window as outgoing requests are received.

5. While data is displayed in the command prompt window, the same traffic is also written to a file called logfile.txt located in the \Websense\bin folder.

6. Press Ctrl + C to stop the TestLogServer.

7. To resume logging to the database, restart the Websense Log Server service.


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